Upcoming Exhibitions

Ngala Wongga (Come Talk)

Friday, 11 October - Sunday, 17 November

Ngala Wongga (Come Talk) – Cultural significance of languages in the Goldfields is a collaboration with the Aboriginal community in Goldfields, WA.

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SALVAGE: Art from the Shed

Tuesday, 3 December - Friday, 7 February

SALVAGE: Art from the Shed is an exhibition of works made from scrap metal, recycled or repurposed materials, and works that are inspired by or embody our connections with working on the land.

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Past Exhibitions


Wednesday, 18 September - Friday, 4 October

EXPLORING MOTH SPECIES OF THE GREAT SOUTHERN REGION. Artworks by Albany artist Chelsea Hopkins-Allen

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Skylab Redux

Sunday, 7 July - Saturday, 20 July

Skylab Redux. 40th anniversary edition....…a multi-media walk through space and time!

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Sunday, 9 June - Sunday, 30 June

anonymous. How should we tell the stories of forgotten women today?

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Something Fishy

Saturday, 18 May - Sunday, 2 June

Part Cannery collection, part off the wall, finished off with the Cannery Exhibition - a nostalgic look at the history of this ol fish cannery, as put together by former manager James Hollands.

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The Index

Sunday, 24 February - Saturday, 23 March

The Index is a study on harmony and disruption. A collaboration between Annette Carmichael, Nic Duncan, Kevin Draper, Janine McCrum and James Gentle

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Flotsam & Jetsam

Friday, 14 December - Sunday, 3 February

Artists and craftspeople are invited to exhibit works either made from, or inspired by, flotsam and jetsam found along our beaches.

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GIFSA ARTRA Exhibition

Friday, 7 December - Sunday, 9 December

An art showcase buy the participants of GIFSA (Goldfields Individual and Family Support Association) and their Rejuvenation Through Recreation Program!

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9x5 Exhibition & Auction

Sunday, 18 November - Sunday, 2 December

Inspired by the Heidelberg School of Artists based in Melbourne - this biennial event raises much-needed funds to keep the Cannery Arts Centre open.

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Esperance Senior High School: Exhibition of Creative Works

Friday, 2 November - Thursday, 8 November

Showcasing the talents of local high school students, don't miss Esperance Senior High School's Exhibition of Creative Works.

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Art In Motion

Saturday, 25 August - Sunday, 9 September

Involving 40 contemporary artists working individually and collaboratively to bring new art and ideas to light in Esperance.

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SOS: A Message In A Plastic Bottle

Saturday, 14 July - Sunday, 12 August

A message in a plastic bottle, beyond the realm of realism,  custodians of the future,  art the process of visual story telling,  art that stimulates the senses.

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Postcards From The Edge

Saturday, 9 June - Wednesday, 4 July

Yes, as everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever.

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Capture Nature!

Wednesday, 30 May - Sunday, 3 June

South Coast NRM and Museum of the Great Southern invite the South Coast community to enter pictures that capture our unique environment and celebrate our local natural heritage.

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Esperance Biennial Art Awards 2018

Friday, 13 April - Saturday, 12 May

The Cannery Arts Centre is proud to present the Esperance 2018 Biennial Art Awards. Exhibition is open Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

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Elements Eclectic

Friday, 30 March - Thursday, 5 April

Working across four different mediums, Jason Wooldridge, Lorita Schmitz, Daniel Seinor and Fiona Dost come together to bring you 'Elements Eclectic'.

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Elevation by Karen McClurkin

Thursday, 8 March - Friday, 16 March

Elevation is an exhibition of painted works by visual artist Karen McClurkin. These works are a combination of cloud studies and built structure. Together, these two elements create a fictional space juxtaposed between organic shape and linear perspective.

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Claire Holst : Loud

Thursday, 15 February - Thursday, 22 February

Opening Night Friday 16th February from 5pm The Garden Gallery

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SEA BONES Exhibition

Friday, 19 January - Wednesday, 31 January

A collaboration between award-winning bronze artist Chris Siemer and emerging photographer Love Childs (Lucy Vincent), the grandfather-daughter duo have consolidated their respective classic and modern artistry to forge a dynamic, coastal-focused exhibition.

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Evolution Of The Surfboard

Saturday, 9 December - Sunday, 14 January

From ancient Polynesian wooden boards through to the discovery of foam and fibreglass in the 1960’s, from the psychedelic era of the 1970’s to the 3 fin revolution of the 1980’s and into high tech performance in the 1990’s, the evolution of surfing has mirrored the evolution of surfboard design. Form, colour and design evolution over the years are captured in this exquisite collection of fully restored surfboards.

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Hard Pressed

Friday, 10 November - Saturday, 25 November

Hard Pressed is an experimental community arts project spanning WA and the NT. Community groups, artists and members of the public created large-scale woodcuts.

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