6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Starts: Tuesday, 10 November

Member $210
Non Member $260


Catering for all skill levels, this 6 week course will focus on the skills and techniques of using the pottery wheel. Krystal will guide participants in the art of learning to prepare and centre clay to make cylindrical forms. Participants will also learn how to glaze their work, as well as the basics skills of packing and firing a kiln.

It is recommended that participants wear appropriate clothing and bring along a towel, as well we a pad of paper and a pen. Finished products are generally ready for pick up 3 weeks after the course has finished.

This course is limited to 6 participants, one participant per wheel.

Fees include one bag of clay, glazes, and 4 kiln firings (2 initial bisque firings, and 2 final firings).


Tutor: Krystal Obschonka

Krystal Obschonka has been a practising artist & craftswoman for the past 30 years, porcelain and stoneware being her medium of choice. Krystal has a love of her craft and loves teaching others - thus she has become a mainstay here at the Cannery, passing on her skills to children, youth, and adults. Be sure to find Krystal on Facebook: Krystal Obschonka Artist!