Tuesday, 21 January

5:00PM - 7:00PM

Member $40
Non Member $50


A landscape painting workshop conducted on location across from the Cannery Arts Centre with a focus on observing and responding to the effect of light at one of the most transitional times of the day, dusk.

Explore elements of composition with spatial focus, experiment with watercolour to capture changing light and shadow, experience responding to being in the moment and produce a small series of studies en plein-air (in the open air). This workshop will encourage self direction for further artistic development.

Participants to meet at the Jetty Car Park across from the Cannery Arts Centre.  Please bring along a chair.  All other materials provided. Cannery Art Room will be used in the case of inclement weather.


Tutor: current artist in residence Natalie McCarthy.

My landscape paintings are responses through observation of a landscape I have been inspired by directly or from memory. An attempt to reveal a sense of place and a story to the viewer of a particular site. The story being told however is a visual translation of shifting light, space over time. The layers achieved in paint are the physical embodiment and memory of the experience. This is a re-occurring theme in most of my work.

Strangely lit, isolated, vast, dramatic landscapes at the time of Dawn or Dusk (when the light is at its most transitional state) are of the most interest for me. Sites I have chose to paint about include lake George NSW, East and West Macdonnell Ranges, Central Australian Desert, New York City, Flinders and Gammon Ranges and Blue Mountains region NSW. I have just moved from the Central Austarlia Desert where I was lucky enough to live beside Uluru for three years and work on many projects with Indigenous artists of the region. I am now based in the Kimberleys where I am learning about a very different landscape environment and cultural history of the area.

Clarice Beckett, Elizabeth Cummings, Emily Kame Kngwarre, Emile Nolde, Pierre Bonnard, Caspar Friedrich, Claude Monet, William Turner, Edouard Vuillard, Billy Benn and many Western Desert painters are major influences.

Image: Natalie McCarthy.