Wood Cut Prints

1:00PM - 3:30PM

2 Weeks
Starts: Saturday, 18 August

Member 70
Non Member 120

Learn how to transfer images onto a wood panel by solvent transfer. In this two part workshop, led by artist and tutor Karen McClurkin, wood panels will be cut into different sections, carved, inked & printed with a range of colours. This process may be used to print onto fabric. Participants are asked to bring an A4 image with a foreground, background & central object; a good image will have large areas of light and dark.


Tutor: Karen McClurkin. Karen McClurkin is Australian born but grew up in New Zealand, where family connections were a strong focus. Her upbringing was in an urban environment however she has strong ties to rural New Zealand, specifically the Waikato region of the North Island. Karen moved to North Queensland after completing school and worked in agriculture and focused on her passion of guitar, performing and teaching. She moved to WA in 1994 and following a short career in the WA Police Service, completed my arts degree at Curtin University in 2011, majoring in painting and print making. For the past 5 years she has been living in Esperance, and still feels most comfortable in the open spaces of rural Australia. These open spaces are reflected in her arts practice; her exploration of cloud studies and built structure has become prominent in her recent works. Music is still a passion of Karen’s and she often find that she is split and pulled between creating visual artforms and music, however, she also fins that the two art forms tend to help develop the other.