Wonderful Wetlands: Dragonflies

Wonderful Wetlands: Dragonflies

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Wonderful Wetlands: learn about the native plants and insects that inhabit our wetlands in this two part critter creation series guided by Kelsey and Mary. Take part in one or both of the Wonderful Wetlands series!  ! Wonderful Wetlands: Damselflies & Dragonflies - Make dragonflies and damselflies out of wire and water bottles, and learn how these special insects are part of the wetland ecosystem.

Tutors: Kelsey Tucker & Mary Darling. 

Kelsey is a passionate environmental educator with a Bachelor of Science Advanced with Honours, majoring in botany. She makes learning about plants fun on botanical walks with her new venture, Triggerplant. Kelsey grew up on the Murray River and spent countless hours photographing leaves and ants, she believes that art and play are integral to nature conservation!   Mary works with children and loves to guide them through the business and chaos of school life. She has lived in Esperance for over ten years now - so nearly a local! Mary loves to craft and create joy wherever she goes!

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