Photographing your Art

Photographing your Art


16 June 2022, 10:00:00 am


All ages


Non Member


$50 / $65 / $ 80

Have you ever wondered how to photograph your art to create the best shots and showcase your masterpieces?  Jayde will be visiting us at the Cannery to run a workshop on photographing your art. We will go through the basic techniques of photography and then dive further into two scenarios where you need to build skills to capture the best shots.  The first is working to photograph your art if you decide you want to print your artwork. We will go through the setup, camera setting and how to edit your images so they can be reused and printed onto cards, photos, or whatever your heart desires. We recommend photographing painting, drawing or anything that is a flat subject.  The second one we will have stations set up for you to style your art with the intention to sell your art as it is. This can be any type of artwork as long as it's not too large. We will go through the depth of field and styling techniques.   Bring along 2-5 pieces of your art work and either a smart phone or camera.  Come and join in the fun.