Improv Comedy for Kids

Improv Comedy for Kids


5 July 2021, 1:30:00 am




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Julian Canny - A Geraldton based comedic improviser known for a style of performance play that has been described as a “punchable tyrant”. With a towering stature Julian performs with an unnecessary level of physicality resulting in strange unusual characters that seem to always end up creating the impossible. Julian’s work as a performer mostly takes a back seat as his main passion as an artist is community based art.  Improv Comedy for Kids is a super fun school holiday program that encourages kids to explore their creativity and have a roaring big laugh while they're at it. Using the art of “play” this workshop explores making things up and facing the fear of failure as part of the process in making amazing performances.  Facilitated by Improv performer Julian Canny from Arts Producer Euphorium will be taking players through activities and training which builds skills in creativity, teamwork, humor and performance. The program aims to develop local talent and performance skills, while building self esteem, confidence, and problem solving abilities.