Drypoint Etching and Printing

Drypoint Etching and Printing


11 March 2022, 10:00:00 am




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The Cannery Arts Centre is excited to have artist and educator Marcia Leonard instructing you in drypoint etching and printing in our newly refurbished Print Rooom.  Join Marcia for this two part evening course on Friday 11 and 18 March.  Limited to 10 places.

Drypoint is an intaglio printmaking process in which a design is drawn on a plate with a sharp, pointed needle-like instrument. This printmaking technique can produce simple, strong images with emphasis on the texture and quality of line. The intaglio process is when the ink is held in the contours and grooves of the surface of the plate.

Guided by artist and educator Marcia Leonard in the newly refurbished and inviting Print Room 

During the two evenings you will be creating a Drypoint Etching and Printing it using a press – please bring along any drawings/sketchbooks, photos, magazine cuttings, printouts – Marcia will also have images for you to work from.

You will print onto both paper and fabric, looking into various techniques. It is possible to add colour to a dry point etching in various ways including rolling over the plate with a roller with different colours, using watercolour and another method called Chine Colle.which involves cutting pieces of coloured paper and adding these to the plate just before printing.

Workshop Program

  1. Introduction to drypoint etching using acrylic sheets, preparing a plate, inking and printing it on the etching press.

  2. Explore the different ways of mark making using various tools and methods of creating texture and line.

  3. Work on plates to prepare for inking and printing. Experiment with different ways of inking and cleaning of the plate to achieve the desired effect.

  4. Ink and print multiple prints within time of workshop.

  5. Chine Colle techniques

  6. Adding Colour

All skill levels are catered for. This class is excellent for beginners as well as those with previous printmaking experience.