The Index

Sunday, 24 February - Saturday, 23 March

Opening event: 6pm 23rd February
Free Performances: 6.30pm 22nd March & 3pm 23rd March

The Index is a study on harmony and disruption.  The project, which has been in development since 2014, is a response to escalating fear and terror in the world.   It strives to create an index of moments caught in performance, photographs and life that contribute to a sense of balance amidst an atmosphere of precariousness.  

Director and performer Annette Carmichael and Photographer Nic Duncan have collaborated to create a series of photographs taken in a variety of environments, including sites of regeneration and industry.  Objects in some of the photographs are designed by sculptor Kevin Draper and define the internal space.

Within the exhibition, hundreds of egg shells exist backgrounded by the work of textile artist, Janine McCrum and sound designer, James Gentle.

Annette will be doing three free performances during the exhibition. One fifteen-minute performance at the Opening on the Saturday 23 February and two thirty-minute performances on the 22 March and 3 pm, 23 March. Her performances amidst the egg shells, strive to create moments of beauty and trepidation.  

Annette will also be facilitating one two-hour workshop from10.30am - 12.30pm on the 23 March, where participants learn skills to increase the power of their physical presence during performance.  Suitable for anyone who performs in music, dance, theatre or community members who are interested in exploring something new. 

Workshop: 10.30am-12.30pm 23rd March-
This is a ticketed workshop please book through the Artlab tab!

Image: Disruption 3, Annette Carmichael, photo by Nic Duncan, branch by Kevin Draper, 2017