Three Artists : Marcia Leonard, Pat McCarthy and Tammy Andrews

7 April 2022


19 May 2022

Three Artists : Marcia Leonard, Pat McCarthy and Tammy Andrews

About the event

Open all ANZAC Weekend 12-4pm SAT//SUN//MON, the Cannery Arts Centre is hosting three local artists in a joint exhibition to showcase some of Esperance’s diverse creatives. 

Tammy Andrews, Marcia Leonard and Pat Mccarthy look forward to sharing their work with locals and travellers during a great month to be alive in Esperance!

Esperance’s divine marine and land environment is at the core of their work, yet individuality in the presentation of this needs to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.

Take a spin around the new roundabout and land down the Cannery this April for some Easter holiday eye candy.


Tuesday- Friday 10am-4pm

Sat &Sunday 12pm-4pm

The Three Artists

Marcia Leonard’s current work explores the concept of landscape and the natural world and constructs links between reality and imagination. Leonard’s paintings and mixed media work appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, meanings shift, past and present fuse.

Tammy Andrews exhibits new paintings alongside existing works in oil.

Broad sumptuous seascapes of the southeast region complimented with intimate petite landscape cameos. Often Andrews will engage with the environment and look toward expressing the forms in the sculptural way she applies the paint. Especially looking to recreate movement in forms and interaction.

Additionally presented is a vibrant range of Botanicals celebrating the distinctive beauty of Esperance and surrounds.

Fish On Fish Skins (Pat McCarthy) aims to celebrate the life of the fish and highlight the beauty in nature. He says, “Fish have amazing patterns, colours and textures in their skins that need to be seen up close to appreciate. I like that the memory of the fish lives on with my work”.

McCathy started playing with the idea when I was living up north and has refined it since moving to Esperance. Using timber backing from the retired Esperance tanker jetty adds to the legacy of the pieces as well as also highlighting the grains and patterns in the wood.

Custom pieces can be created using skins people have supplied from their own catches. And he has started experimenting with Fish On Fish Skins in surfboards which has been well received.