The Misérable(s) Exhibition

18 June 2021


2 July 2021

The Misérable(s) Exhibition

About the event

This debut solo exhibition from local talent Caitlyn Edwards focuses on key characters and themes from Les Misérables. Meet bishops, lovers, police inspectors, prostitutes, gamin and revolutionaries as we explore the wealth of contradictions encompassed by Victor Hugo's work, and discover the spectrum of humanity that can be found around us if one simply pauses to look.

In 1862 a novel was published that has since been popularised through numerous adaptations for theatre, film, and television. Offering an insightful commentary on the grapple between good and evil in the soul of one person and contrasted against society's struggle towards its own betterment, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo tells the story of one man’s endeavour to live a righteous life in a society that punishes good deeds.