Outside The Box

28 January 2022


20 February 2022

Outside The Box

About the event

A talented local family showcasing their artworks together for the first time.

The Passeck family have always been artists, producing work mainly for enjoyment, now they have decided to share it with their community.  The exhibit includes sculptures, paintings, large prints, pottery, resin art, drawings, furniture, metal and woodworking pieces. Not all items are for sale but the Passecks are happy to work on custom commissions.

Visitiors are also invited to participate in a collaborative interative artwork which will be installed in their family home

For the Passeck’s, making art is fun and enhances their life in many ways, step into their creative world and discover an exhibit that is completly Outside The Box

The Artists

The Passeck Family originated from Germany and settled in WA in 1997. Eske is a Stone Mason / Sculptor by trade and Axel is a Roof Tiler by trade. In Feb 1997 they arrived in WA with their twin babies Lea and Lisa and were joined later by Nami, a true Norwester. Eske and Axel always had a fascination with design and art, trying their hand at many different things from painting, drawing, working with clay, metal and wood, to photography, printing and sign writing.

Their daughteres enjoy creating all sorts of pieces in their own unique styles through painting, photography, macrame and jewellery.