Not Separate: The tamed and the wild

27 June 2020


25 July 2020

Not Separate: The tamed and the wild

About the event

The first solo exhibition by Esperance based artist Esti Nagy.

Open 10am to 4pm Tuesdays to Fridays, 12pm to 4pm Saturdays and Sundays.  Closed Mondays.

Works available to purchase.

Artist bio:

Esti is an emerging artist who primarily works in oils and acrylics. Her works include a mix of styles: elements of realism combined with abstract or painterly backgrounds. Esti’s art is a reflection and celebration of her deeply felt connection to nature and other living beings. Her process and ‘visual stories’ explore what it means to be whole, to embrace all the ‘beings’ that inhabit our world and psyche - be they wild dwellers of the dark, or the tamed dwellers of the light. Esti has completed several large mural commissions including ones commissioned by the city of Joondalup and the Shire of Esperance. Whilst she has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, this is Esti’s first solo exhibition, which is a collection of many new as well as several older works, accompanied by stories and poems.

Esti was born in Hungary, and moved to Mauritius with her family when she was 10 years old. Before moving to Perth on her 21st birthday, she lived in Hungary and the UK for a year. She called Perth her home for two decades with her partner Jay and their family of dogs, before they moved to Esperance two years ago. Esti studied graphic design and illustration at Curtin University, followed by a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Western Australia. More recently she qualified as a transpersonal art therapist following her fascination with the human psyche, our highest potentials and spiritual practices. She deeply appreciates the value of artistic creation and expression - including stories and rituals - in enabling us to heal from trauma. For Esti, expressing herself in images has always felt like the most accessible and direct way of communicating her inner experiences and deeper knowing. Over the years she felt an increasingly strong pull to make art, and finally answered the call about 5 years ago when she left her career as a landscape architect. She continues to cherish every moment spent in the studio with her brushes and paints.