Alternative Archive - Survey Exhibition @ The John Curtin Gallery, Perth

13 May 2021


29 July 2021

Alternative Archive - Survey Exhibition @ The John Curtin Gallery, Perth

About the event

In 2019 the Cannery Arts Centre took part in the Alternative Archive project, a remarkable series of thirteen inter-connected, regionally generated group exhibitions, delivered by the Creative Grid collective.  


For the Alternative Archive project regional artists and curators from Kunnunurra to Esperance came together to create their community’s unique interpretation of a unifying central brief, The Alternative Archive (created by Lead Curator, Anna Louise Richardson).  

The Cannery's Alternative Archive exhibition was titled Anonymous. How do we tell the stories of forgotten women today?, which exhibted from June 8-30, 2019, and was curated by Marcia Leonard. 

Delayed by one year due to COVID 19, the Alternative Archive survey exhibition, which will display select pieces from each of the 13 exhibitions, will be held at the John Curtin Gallery from May 14-July 30, 2021. 

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‘The Alternative Archive’ exhibition series re-framed the way local communities perceived their social contexts: unearthing stories that had been lost or kept hidden; retelling stories that had been forgotten or needed to be told in a new way; and unveiling stories that had just been born. Through this process of exploration and transformation the project enhanced community curiosity, vibrancy, and well-being. It simultaneously built the profile, capacity and sustainability of individuals and organisations within the regional arts sector as a whole.

“The Alternative Archive helped instill a new sense of optimism within the regional visual arts sector and a healthy sector means healthier communities for regional WA. It’s a win win all round.” 

- Project Coordinator, Fiona Sinclair (of Southern Forest Arts).

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