Sweet Tuna

Sweet Tuna

Friday, 25 August

7:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Cannery Arts Centre
Norseman Road, Esperance

Tickets $35

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Tradewinds, Esperance Tide & KyzaPresents brings you an array of music acts for an epic night out at the Cannery.

Tickets are $35 + booking fee.

RUBY MAY has gone from solo to seven piece - finding herself at the head of a 7 piece band, leading a fresh neo-soul vibe, juices flowing from some quasi freak-beat from beyond time and space, loopin in ya ears to keep ya singin the night away, hereby creating a doona, a blanket of groove covering your mind, your body and most importantly your soul with a wave of funky feelings - a cheeky smirk- whisking you into hip wiggling trance - making your live experience timeless beyond means.

After an exciting start of the year with supporting Jordan Rakei, Mosquito Coast and Timothy Nelson they recently released a four-to-the-floor ‘banga’ named REAL MONSTERS - prep yourself as they release an album for the end of the year.

‘Her sunshine soul radiates through her voice and when she performs with the Chakra Khans it’s feels like a huge yet intimate family reunion everyone is over the moon to be invited to.’ - Pilerats, Brooke Murphy.

Feast your earholes on the front man of Boykie, Sam Stopforth, an indie grunge powerhouse from Perth, Western Australia who have been making some srs nautical numbers in their local pocket of the country since forming in early 2016. They sold out The Bird in July 2016 in release of their single “Family Man” and recently followed it up letting loose their debut EP “Still Hiding” onto the world while captivating another sold out crowd, this time at Jack Rabbit Slims in mid April of 2017. Catch it on Spotify or download it for FREE on Bandcamp now!

Rachel Vibart is an Esperance local songwriter who has been playing regularly over the past four years. Rachel has a songwriting and vocal ability that far surpasses her age, with her soulful and heartfelt tunes capturing and holding the audiences attention.

A Simple Array is a duo made up of Esperance locals Matt Cooper and Kyron Smithson. Together the lads have written an exceptional mix of energetic original tunes. Coming from vastly different music backgrounds their sound is defined by Kyron’s strong resonant vocals and Coopers frenetic guitar work.