Evolution Of The Surfboard Exhibition Launch Party

Evolution Of The Surfboard Exhibition Launch Party

Friday, 8 December

From 5:30 pm

Cannery Arts Centre
Norseman Road, Esperance

Tickets $10

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From ancient Polynesian wooden boards through to the discovery of foam and fibreglass in the 1960’s, from the psychedelic era of the 1970’s to the 3 fin revolution of the 1980’s and into high tech performance in the 1990’s, the evolution of surfing has mirrored the evolution of surfboard design. Form, colour and design evolution over the years are captured in this exquisite collection of fully restored surfboards.

The Cannery Arts Centre is proud to present this exhibition, which takes the visitor on a journey through the beginnings of surf culture in ancient Polynesia, through to how Australia developed its own surfing culture from the 1950’s to the present day. The exhibition features over 50 boards, alongside a vintage surf photo gallery and a recreation of a 1970’s shaping and glassing bay - including the original tools and equipment from Wayne Winchester’s workshop in his father’s backyard shed in 1972. The shed became known as “Liquid Dreams” and was to be the start of a long career in the surfboard industry.

Wayne Winchester has been a surfboard manufacturer for over 40 years and is an avid collector and restorer of vintage boards. This exhibition comprises part of his extensive collection, including several boards illustrated by Esperance’s Geoff Smith of Speedline Art.

“Although materials, design, art and manufacturing techniques have changed, the simple pleasure of surfing remains. We ride waves because it makes us feel good, and the surfboard provides us that opportunity.” - Wayne Winchester

Wayne Winchester will be in Esperance and available for interview Wed 6th / Thur 7th / Fri 8th December