Natalie McCarthy

A major component of my work involves spending time out in the landscape responding directly to the transition of light and space I see before me with drawings or painting en plein air. This has lead me to investing in a 4x4 Canter Truckbus to be able to access and spend time in hard to get to places. Over the next few years I will be converting it into my portable roving studio.

Track my journey here  orangerovingvehicle

I also take lots of photos. I then return to the studio for a more contemplative response and  rework compositions and ideas into paintings or larger drawings. Initially the photos I used as a reference to the memory of being there not to paint directly from.  They are also good for capturing the movement of light over time. However for the last two years I have been taking photos on my iphone of the Central Desert region where I currently live and work. A very immediate way of capturing the amazing desert landscape and constant changing light You can find some on my Instragram account: @natjmccarthy 


Natalie will have works on display in the Cannery’s Art Room from January 21st to the 24th.