A message from the Cannery - March 17

Date: 19 March 2020

As part of our responsibility to the health of the wider community, and in-line with the current recommendations, we are taking the necessary precautions to help ‘flatten the curve’ of Covid-19.

Effective immediately our arts program will be greatly reduced, focussing firstly on our larger events, including music events and exhibition openings.  We will also be postponing or cancelling activities which may involve the more vulnerable members of our community, or those activities which are deemed higher risk due to the close proximity of participants.  We will contact those people directly affected by these changes as soon as possible, and process refunds as quickly as we can.  Please be patient while we implement these changes.**

As the gallery is currently considered a lower risk activity it will remain open for the time being, and we highly recommend the current exhibition There is a Rapture on the Lonely Shore. We also look forward to hosting the Elements ed.III  exhibition. Our office will also remain open at this stage.**

If you are coming into the gallery or office we request you uphold recommendations of increased hand hygiene measures and social distancing. If you are in anyway unwell please stay home!

Again, as an organisation that strives to bring people together, the up-coming months will prove challenging.  However we are committed to following the guidance of our government, and to do all we can to reduce the impact of this pandemic on our community.